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Meat Industry Association announce business forum "Grain. Swine. Meat - 2023"

We are delighted to announce the upcoming "Grain. Swine. Meat - 2023" business forum, which will take place in Kyiv, Ukraine, on September 15th. This extraordinary event will bring together key players from the grain, swine farming, and meat industries, aiming to address the challenges posed by ongoing geopolitical dynamics. The forum will present a unique opportunity to explore strategies to increase profitability in agriculture, showcase real value-adding tools, and elucidate how swine farming can safeguard Ukraine's grain market.

The primary objective of the "Grain. Swine. Meat - 2023" forum is to proactively mitigate income losses in agriculture resulting from grain export blockades. Our focus is on generating over 200% added value through the successful implementation of the cross-industry program "New Swine Production 2025."

Moreover, the business forum will feature a specialized exhibition known as "Meat Industry Expo-2023." This exhibition will provide a platform for participants to present and explore cutting-edge solutions in feed production, pig husbandry, meat processing, and trade. The exhibition will run throughout the forum.

We are committed to creating an environment where attendees can interact with leading experts, manufacturers, and suppliers in the field of advanced equipment, pig genetics, meat production, and processing. Participants will gain valuable insights into current trends, financial opportunities, and technical aspects related to initiating or expanding their endeavors in the swine farming industry.

Event Details

Date: September 15, 2023

Location: Kyiv Golf Center (20 Obolonska Embankment, Kyiv, Ukraine)

Forum Organizers: Meat Industry Association, Center for Efficiency Improvement in Animal Husbandry, and Agro Marketing Agency.

Forum Partners: Сofarming Ukraine, Eurofeed, Topigs Norsvin.

Who Should Attend

The "Grain. Swine. Meat - 2023" forum welcomes participants who:

- Aspire to transition from raw material production

- Seek to avoid selling grain at cost as grain producers

- Engage in or contemplate entering the swine farming industry and need expert guidance

- Desire to participate in meat processing or already operate in this domain, with ambitions of owning a pig complex

- Plan to scale up their existing swine farming business

- Are looking for or providing financing options

- Can share experiences and present equipment innovations

- Are bioethanol producers interested in doubling profits from production waste

- Intend to expand their product range and explore new market outlets

- Are suppliers seeking to expand their customer base

- Plan to diversify their business ventures

- Are committed to creating added value.

Key Forum Topics:

- Prospects of Ukraine in the global swine meat market

- State and development prospects of swine farming and the meat industry in Ukraine

- Analysis of grain market development through the lens of swine farming

- Presentation of the model for replacing grain exports with value-added meat exports

- The role of ASF prevention in stimulating swine complex development

- Real benefits in the "grain-meat products" chain from the implementation of the cross-industry program "New Swine Production 2025"

- Biofuels and animal husbandry: leveraging smart synergy for substantial profits

- Financing options for swine farming: accessible loans, grants, and investments

- Investment opportunities in "New Swine Production 2025": advantages for grain producers and future swine farmers

- Lowest production cost of Ukrainian pigs in the world, presently and in perpetuity

- Feed production: an underestimated aspect of grain processing

- Effective technologies in swine farming and the meat industry

- Quality, safety, and certification of meat products

- Modern technologies for producers and processors of meat products

- Cutting-edge swine genetics and optimal feeding practices.

Additionally, "Grain. Swine. Meat - 2023" presents an excellent opportunity for international participants to initiate or expand cooperation with Ukrainian businesses. It is an ideal platform for forging strong partnerships, exploring potential investment opportunities, and tapping into the thriving Ukrainian agricultural sector. With Ukraine's growing significance in the global agribusiness landscape, investing in or collaborating with Ukrainian businesses can yield promising returns and foster mutually beneficial relationships.

Whether you are a global investor seeking new avenues for profitable ventures or a business looking to extend your market presence, this business forum offers an unparalleled chance to connect with Ukrainian agricultural enterprises. By engaging with Ukrainian industry leaders, participants can gain valuable insights into the local market, regulatory environment, and investment prospects.

Embrace the opportunity to establish long-term partnerships, explore joint ventures, and capitalize on the growth potential of the Ukrainian agricultural sector. Participating in "Grain. Swine. Meat - 2023" could mark the beginning of a successful and prosperous collaboration with the Ukrainian business community.

More details on website: https://meatindustry.com.ua/