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Mykola Babenko, CEO of the Meat Industry Association of Ukraine


Welcome to the Ukrainian Meat Industry Association website,

Our professional union was formed by the leading Ukrainian meat processing companies. We are united with the commitment to share experiences, find ways to solve current problems and strengthen the position of Ukrainian producers in the domestic and global markets.

Meat enterprises face tasks that cannot be solved single-handedly:

  • Representation and protection of sectoral interests within legislative and executive power bodies
  • Adoption of transparent standards for production and sales, harmonization of local requirements with EU legislation
  • Livestock development as a source of primary produce for meat processing companies, formation of economic relations with suppliers on the basis of cooperation, trust and long-term planning
  • Media support of the Association members, information support on the current market situation and upcoming areas of work
  • Opening of new markets and sales channels, etc.

We are convinced that the meat industry in Ukraine has a much higher potential than the achieved level. A strong feed supply for animals and vast rural areas, only half-saturated domestic market and a global shortage of meat, talented staff — all this indicates that Ukraine can be among the Top-10 global suppliers of both meat and meat products with high added value.

The Ukrainian Meat Industry Association welcomes industry professionals that want to become a part of the progressive changes in the market.

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