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Our management

The Association of Meat Industry is based on the principles of equality and voluntariness, we are interested in achieving a high end result, and that is why we adhere to the principles of democracy in making managerial decisions.

Management of the Association:

  • General meeting of the Association's members

  • Council of the Association

  • Chairman of the Board of the Association

  • Executive Director of the Association

  • Revision Commission

The General Meeting of the Association's members is the highest governing body of the Association, which resolves all issues related to its activities (conducted not less than 1 time a year).

The Council of the Association is a permanent collegial governing body that manages the Association's activities throughout the period between the General Meetings of Participants (held quarterly)

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The Revision Commission ensures the inspection of the Association's activities and reports on its results. It is elected by the General Meeting of the Participants once a year.