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Weekly hog price summary

According to a AMI* survey, hog prices continue to go downhill. Thus, average live price during the current 21 week amounted to 39.85 UAH/kg, which is almost 10% less than the last week. According to the APPU*, the average live price was 40.60 UAH/kg. Ukrainian processors predict the live price for 21st week will vary from 37,50-40,00 UAH/kg

Consequently, the price of the German and Ukrainian hog market for the 21st week show a parity - 39.88 and 39.85 UAH/kg. The German hog market remains unchanged at a mark of 1.35 € for 22nd week. The American market has grown from $ 61.70 / cwt * to $ 63.55 / cwt.



АMI* - Аssotiation of Meat Industry

*1 cwt - 45,359237 кг